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FotoForensics - Submit a JPEG or PNG picture for Forensic Analysis.
DeviantART Muro - Very cool drawing tool.
Doodle - Group Decision/Communication tool.
Tone matrix - Create your own simple rhythm.
Audiotool - Advanced electronic music tool.
DAYWEEKYEAR.COM - Create and print you own photo calendar.
Flash Player Manager - Remove flash cookies among other things.
Warrick - Reconstruct or recover a website.
Map 24 - Measure distances on world map.
Google Maps - Search world map.
Iptect - Show information about your IP, Browser, Computer...
Calculator - do calculation and unit conversion
Kuku klok - Online Alarm Clock
Font tester - Test font styles
JSONLint - JSON validator and formatter.
pastebin.com - Paste tool.
Musicovery - Discover music by setting your preferences.
Google sky - Explore the sky.
Speedtest.net - Test the speed of your internet connection.
Password generator - Use this tool to generate a bunch of passwords.
Now Do This - Create a simple todo list.
Lorem Ipsum - Generate fill-in-text.
StatCounter global stats - All sort of internet statistics.
WolframAlpha - Computational knowledge engine.

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